Camp St. Croix is a 120 acre partially wooded site located high above the St. Croix River in rural Burnett County, Wisconsin, about seven miles east of, and across the river from, Rush City Minnesota.

Boy Scout Troop 187 was chartered by Mayflower Church in 1929. After nearly a decade of camping on the western shores of the St. Croix River the Troop began searching for land to call their permanent campsite. In 1945 the Troop Committee encouraged Mayflower Church to purchase the Stone family farm and establish a permanent Scout Camp for Troop 187. The $300 needed to purchase the property was raised by Troop 187 Scouts who held numerous wastepaper drives and sold sand for use on ice in the winter.

Rustic improvements have been made to the camp over the years. Funds for these improvements were raised by generations of Scouts through pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners and wreath sales. In addition, the generosity of funds from the Troop 187 Alumni illustrates the indelible impression Camp St. Croix has made in the lives of so many Scouts.

Camp St. Croix has always been a “rustic” camp environment; as such, it has no dedicated electric power but does have gas powered generators for occasional electrical requirements. Water is obtained from hand pump wells that are annually tested and certified as safe and potable. Showers are gravity fed with water heated in solar thermal tanks. Latrines are rustic, undergo annual maintenance and during Camp are treated daily with calcium hydroxide (barn lime) to eliminate odor and insects.

Camp St. Croix has a centrally located reinforced concrete storm shelter to provide Scouts, staff and visitors with an area of safe refuge in the event of severe weather. Weather conditions are constantly monitored by camp leadership 24 hours a day and the entire Camp participates in a required emergency drill at the start of Summer Camp.

Even though our facilities are rustic they still adhere to all required standards of health and safety. The Dining Hall is managed by Licensed Food Safety Professionals and is inspected and certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Division of Food and Recreational Safety. Other certified safety professionals on staff include licensed medical personnel and a Red Cross Certified water safety instructor who manages and monitors all Summer Camp swimming equipment, procedures and events. In addition, many of our camp staff have activity specific certification. We operate two firearm ranges and an archery range. No Scout is allowed on a range without the presence and oversight of one of our certified range instructors.

Camp St. Croix continues to be used today as Summer Camp for Troop 187, as well as the destination for numerous camping trips throughout the year. For more than 70 years, literally thousands of Scouts and Leaders have used the facility. The Camp has played a key part in the lives of these Scouts and accounts in great measure for the longevity of the Mayflower Scouting program.

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